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    We’ve Moved!

    Visit us at our new office located at 2751 Brentwood Drive, Columbus, Indiana, just off of U.S. 31/National Road.  We look forward to continuing to serve our clients at our new location featuring private parking and handicapped accessibility.

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services in a timely, professional, caring, and ethical manner. We are a regional law practice that serves residents of many counties in Indiana. Voelz, Reed, & Mount, LLC provides the following services:

    • Estate Planning
      Estate Planning

      A good estate plan that is properly implemented can be a great benefit to your family and loved ones.

    • Disability Planning
      Disability Planning

      Disability and health care issues can happen suddenly and without warning. Learn more about our Disability Planning services.

    • Estate and Trust Settlement
      Estate and Trust Settlement

      Settling an estate or a trust can be very difficult and time-consuming. Learn more about Estate and Trust Settlement Planning.

    • Elder Law
      Elder Law

      All of our attorneys are elder law attorneys, who are well-versed on a variety of legal matters affecting seniors.

    • Nursing  Home Counseling
      Nursing Home Counseling

      Our office has information regarding senior residential facilities, assisted living facilities in Columbus and surrounding areas.

    • Contact Us
      Contact Us

      Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today to get to get more information about Voelz, Reed, & Mount, LLC.

    The information that we provide on this website is general information that is not comprehensive, and this information may not be current as it is subject to constant change. This information is not intended to be any substitute for legal advice relating to your situation. Voelz, Reed, & Mount, LLC hereby disclaims any and all responsibility and liability which may be asserted or claimed to have arisen from reliance upon any of the information provided by this website.