Estate Planning

Estate Planning FormA good estate plan that is properly implemented can be a great benefit to your family and loved ones.  No estate plan or improper estate planning can cause numerous problems such as disputes among your family members, destruction of family relationships, unwanted or unexpected distributions of your property, and unnecessary costs and death taxes.

Everyone, including seniors and young adults, should have an up-to-date estate plan that is properly implemented.  Just call our office and schedule an appointment for estate planning, and we will send you our confidential estate planning information form to be completed.  This form is also available on our website.

We will discuss the best estate planning options for you and your family, and we will prepare the necessary documents to implement your estate plan.  You will also be advised as to how you should own your assets and how you should designate beneficiaries of your annuities, retirement plans and accounts, and life insurance.  Our office will make sure that all of your legal documents are properly executed and witnessed.

It is also important to have your estate plan and legal documents reviewed from time-to-time.  We generally recommend every five years.

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